A Game With An Infinite Number Of Levels.

Review by potatomash on Thursday, April 3rd 2014
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Infinity is a game created by gerald123


Ohaider, this is Mash with another review. This time, I'll be reviewing a retro arcade game called Infinity made by Gerald123. Let's hope I'll be able to give a constructive review even though I'm still in the process of learning the ropes of this pretty recent game type. (Well, it still feels pretty recent to me, but it might not feel like that for you.) Just from watching Gerald's views and features go up, up and away, you could easily say that he's part of that group of people whom I appreciate and respect when it comes to their game making skills. I haven't played all 8 of his featured games, but I can easily tell from each and every thumbnail that they were truly amazing games and I probably would never be able to complete. Anyway, I discovered that the game I'm going to be reviewing today is already featured. In the list of games on his MS profile, this is the only retro arcade game that he has published for the public eye to see. Let's see if this game stacks up as well as the rest of his amazing PPG's and platformers.


So I read the storyline in the description below the game. Sadly, it didn't impress me at all. It bored me. It was too overused, too cliche for my taste. Yes, I know how difficult it is to come up with a good storyline. That would also be one of the struggles I face when I create a game. The further you progress into the game, the more the story unwinds itself. Pretty interesting, but the dialogues that the other characters had and your own dialogues didn't really impress me either. It felt quite bland and lifeless, Gerald could have done better than that. Nevertheless I was happy while playing throughout this game, though my abilities were not good enough to complete it, I was able to get far. That, I am truly proud of. But, I really yearned to see the whole game to see how good it really is with my own eyes, so I had to resort to watching Gerald's walkthrough video that he had conveniently provided in the game's description.

The first few levels of Infinity were pretty boring since they were easy to pass and all that, but it was obviously made like that because it was meant to clarify your disposition in the storyline and what's happening. Though, I honestly think Gerald spent a while too long just to do that. I would say this game is alright when it comes to addictiveness. Though, I doubt this game would make you rage quit and smash the retry button multiple times since that's only gonna happen once in a blue moon. But if you do die, well you bleep. (Nah, just kidding.) But you know, I wouldn't give up immediately after getting far into the game. I'd try my best to complete it and see what it has in store. But once I waste all my lives and feel that I got to a pretty far part in the game, I wouldn't bother with it anymore. I'd just be like, "Well, that was a good game." and move on. Infinity isn't really the most addictive game you'd see out there. But I think that the difficulty was well balanced between a piece of cake and impossible missions that only Kim Possible could possibly do. The difficulty of the game really progressed from easy to hard so smoothly that you wouldn't really get frustrated while playing the game. (Unless you fall into the many pit holes throughout the game repeatedly.)

Next off, the placements. I have one word to describe the placements in this game: flawless. I literally jaw-dropped as I was playing through the game and as I was watching the walkthrough. It was just, wow. (Much placements. Such blocks. So wonderful. wow. xD) Every single little block, platform, enemy, puzzle, switch, health and scenery (Oooh, long list. I hopefully didn't miss anything.)was absolutely gorgeous. It was like a whole new world made better. I was fascinated by how everything was put together, it just felt so smooth. Transitioning from one level to another was so smooth, even if the locations change, the placements were still absolutely astonishing. When you're fighting an enemy/enemies, the terrain and placements Gerald made could both help and hinder you at the same time. Heck, even the enemies could help you finish the level since some of them were used as trampolines and etc, that's something I too am fond of doing on the retro arcade creator.But, he was able to take that simple concept to the next level. Also, I think that Gerald placed the checkpoints in really good places, same goes with the health. I have no complaints.

When the placements are good, the design should be decent too. But, I didn't find the design in Infinity just 'decent.' Similar to the placements, it was amazing. Gerald was really able to take advantage of everything the creator has to offer gameplay-wise and design-wise. The scenery went so well with the placements, it was eye candy. Boredgame, who was sitting beside me minding her own business while I was playing, actually stopped and stared for a while. The design was that eye-catching, though the game's thumbnail may not look that good compared to the game's overall design. I already knew Gerald was good at designing his PPG's really well, but I seriously did not see this one coming. Besides the design, Gerald's game is creative as hell. I don't often play retro arcades, but when I do I can tell that Gerald was able to discover and use many new and unique concepts. Yes, some of the other concepts of the puzzles and traps he used are old, but I don't think that can be avoided anyway. (Though sometimes, I found that he was repeating his puzzles, traps & etc. a bit too much. It was slightly repetitive in my opinion.)Have you seen a game where everything is new, so new that no one has ever seen even a small part of it at all? I think not. It was still excellent, nevertheless. He was able to fully take advantage of the retro arcade creator. I don't think he missed anything. I think he used everything that the creator had to offer, it was overwhelmingly amazing.


-Amazing scenery

-Flawless placements

-Difficulty transitions smoothly throughout the whole game.

-Overall gameplay feels smooth

-Very creative


-Bland storyline & dialogues

-Sometimes the game's puzzles/traps become repetitive once you get further into the game.

-Not so addictive

-Game is too long for the average player to enjoy.


Creativity: ____.5/_____

I didn't find the storyline impressive, nor did I find the dialogues in game impressive at all. Since the storyline is counted in the creativity portion, I couldn't give this a perfect five even if the game was very visually appealing and very creative when it comes to new concepts.

Placements: _____/_____

Placements were simply flawless.

Originality: ____/_____

Gerald has shown me a lot of new things in the retro arcade creator, I didn't some of the things he placed in the game existed in the creator. This wasn't able to get a perfect five due to the cliche storyline and because some of the concepts that he used were basically overused in the game.

Addictiveness: ___/_____

Not too addictive. It was just okay, nothing too spectacular here.

Difficulty: _____/_____

The difficulty transitioned perfectly throughout the whole game. It was splendid.

Overall: ____.3/_____


Gerald has done an amazing job with Infinity. I enjoyed this game almost bit by bit. This game would be most enjoyed by players who would like a very smooth, creative and a visually appealing long game to waste their time on when they have nothing to do. I don't think I wasted my time playing this game though, it was worth my time, and worth a feature. I would feature it, but someone got ahead of me. :/ Dam. Gerald, I hope to see more games from you that aren't too difficult, like Infinity. Yes, I've played some of your games, they're waaaaayyyy more difficult than Infinity since I can't even pass the first level. xD (Gaming skills: ∞) I hope to see an infinite number of amazing games from you, Gerald. (You know, if that's possible. xD) Anyway, thank you all for reading this review, thank you for bearing with me once again and I hope to see you all sooner or later. This is Mash, about to eat breakfast in a while. Good bye. :D


Infinity Reviewed by potatomash on Thursday, April 3rd 2014. A Game With An Infinite Number Of Levels. - A game review written by potatomash for the game 'Infinity' by gerald123. Rating: 4