This Isn't Your Average Game Of Pong.

Review by potatomash on Wednesday, June 11th 2014
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Psychotic Pong 3 is a game created by youngcaliman


Ohaider everyone, Mash is here today with another review. Today I'll be reviewing this very famous game called Psychotic Pong 3. And just by the title, I'm certain that 90% of you who are reading this review know this game as well. This game is made by one of the best game makers on sploder, youngcaliman. I also remember that I reviewed the first Psychotic Pong. It was my reviewer application that youngcaliman himself denied! Yep, that's right. But the other recruiters accepted it anyway and I became a reviewer from then on. I can see why it was denied though. Man, my reviews in the past were terrible. Anyway, I've played this game multiple times before making this review so I know how this game works and all that stuff. I'll probably give this game a really high rating by the end of this review and I'm pretty sure you guys wouldn't be surprised by that remark as well. It's made by youngcaliman, what would you expect?


Welcome to another round of psychotic pong, Mash. What in the world have you gotten yourself into this time? I wonder why I'm so fond of reviewing games that I know I can't finish. But these impossible games are made by the nicest people and these nice people give you a walkthrough video, which is also very nice. Anyway, the goal of this game is the same as every game of Psychotic Pong. You simply use your paddles to push the ball into the checkered goal. It sounds easy enough. But this isn't your ordinary game of pong... It's a psychotic game of pong. (I didn't know that, thank you Capt. Obvious! -_-) You'll have to overcome multiple obstacles and challenges in order to become victorious. Every time you play and retry the game you lose a little bit of your sanity. By the time you're done playing, you've already lost all of it. You'll just be sitting on your seat, seeing rainbows everywhere you go and wondering what to do with your life since you can't even win a single level of this mind boggling game. But of course, this game doesn't affect me. I can play it all day, I mean why would I lose something that was never there to begin with?

Moving on, the gameplay of Psychotic Pong 3 is just as I had expected it to be. It was consistent and smooth. You could go at your own pace, but you should make sure that you don't commit a single error in any level. Even the tiniest of mistakes could force you to repeat the whole level. This is one of the times where I'm glad that the PPG lets you retry the level itself, not the whole game. It makes the game less of a hassle. Though you had a lot of tasks at hand, it didn't feel like a chore to do. It was more like "So I finally did this, so what do I do now?" By the way, you need skills, patience and brains if you want to win this game. (Oh look, three more things that Mash doesn't have! Isn't life great?) To be honest, Psychotic Pong 3 wouldn't really give me the urge to shout "curse word" and slam my keyboard but, it was still very frustrating. It wasn't a bad kind of frustrating though. The frustration and anger you feel whenever you commit a mistake in the game sort of encourages you to keep going on. One thing that I'd like to point out about this game is that, it's a little bit too overwhelming at times. There's just so much going on, you're just going to end up stumped and tired of it once you get really far into the game. So to sum this up, Psychotic Pong 3 can be too challenging, to the point where it really overwhelms you. The near impossible difficulty kind of affects how fun this game is as well. To me it's pretty addicting, but it's not something I'll be playing for weeks.

It's obvious that youngcaliman really worked up a sweat while making this game. Flawless, would be the most applicable word to describe the placements of Psychotic Pong 3. I didn't see anything wrong with it, it was really organized and everything is placed in the best areas. I can't really point out any flaws, because to me it seems perfect already. The obstacles and enemies that you had to face in this game were really ('really' is an understatement.) difficult to avoid. Also, the block placements were just something else. It felt like everything was meant to be placed in those areas and moving them even just by a little bit would ruin everything. I can't really leave a comment on the health placements since I didn't notice any at all, but I think it would be a bit better if youngcaliman had left the player with 1-2 extra lives during the boss battle for the other players who have a difficult time. (Yes, Mash just found a flaw right after saying that the placements were 'flawless.' Great job, Mash.)

As for the design of this game, you can already guess what I'm gonna say. It's absolutely stunning and very colorful. Even if the game had such a large variety of colors in every level, it didn't hurt your eyes when you take a look at it. The colors blended in perfectly with each other. The textures used in the game were very simple, it wasn't too extravagant. It wasn't one of your rainbow colored games that has something flashing wherever you look. Those kinds of games kill my eyes. This one on the other hand, was the complete opposite. It was pretty soothing to look at all the pretty colors on the screen as you play. Anyway, the new additions youngcaliman had put in his game were really something. The paddle that vanishes as soon as you use it once was a very smart idea. Also, the level with the thing that looks like some sort of 'windmill' was very creative as well. It really makes you think until your brain pops out of your head. I'm not too sure if this and some of the other things I might mention are included in the previous installment of Psychotic Pong since I have never played the second one, so I'm sorry if I commit a few mistakes here. Anyway, I enjoyed almost every level in this game. I said almost since I wasn't too impressed with some of the other levels since they felt fairly repetitive. One of the levels I really enjoyed was the boss level. It was very challenging, yet it felt very fulfilling once you defeat it. (I wasn't logged in, so my name isn't on the scoreboard. D:) Besides the boss level, one of my favorite levels would have to be the one before it. To be honest, I think it's the most fun level to play through.Everything's moving and you have no idea what's going on, but you have to move or else you lose. (And yes, Mash reached that level AND finished the game. :)) ) It's like a breath of fresh air because it's so different from all of the previous levels. But when you get further into the game, the some of the concepts and things youngcaliman used get pretty repetitive.


-'Flawless' placements

-Stunning game design

-Consistent and smooth gameplay



-Can get repetitive.

-Too difficult for the average player to enjoy.


Creativity: ____.5/_____

The design was most impressive. The concepts were all new and unique as well, but they were somewhat overused.

Placements: _____/_____

The placements were absolutely flawless. The health placements was just a suggestion since it was really difficult to finish the game with one life.

Originality: _____/_____

Psychotic Pong 3 proved itself to be very new and original experience for the player.

Addictiveness: ____.5/_____

Yes this game is really addicting, but it just really depends on your persistence. I doubt a lot of people would work as hard as I did just to finish the game.

Difficulty: ___/_____

It was just too difficult for your average joe, it made the game less enjoyable.

Overall: ____.4/_____


Psychotic Pong 3, just like any other game has its own set of pros and cons. Just because this game had been inducted into the EGL doesn't mean it's absolutely perfect, but it's pretty close to being perfect in my opinion. Is this game feature worthy? Of course it is. I don't know anyone who would say otherwise. Why do you think it's in the EGL? Oh and yes, I do agree that this game deserves to have a spot in there. It's proven itself to be one of your timeless classics and it's still better than a large amount of PPGs that are published in the current time frame. (And you know, better than all of the PPGs I tried to make. D:) Psychotic Pong 3 is a game of pong like never before, and I do recommend that you guys play this game. (But I recommend that you play the first one before proceeding to this since this one's really difficult.) Do I want a Psychotic Pong 4? Maybe not. I think we've all had enough. I don't know how youngcaliman would be able to pull off another one, unless he's got some new tricks under his sleeve. Anyway, thank you all again for reading my review. This is Mash, about to play Persona 3 Portable or prepare myself for school if my mom decides to nag me about it today.


Psychotic Pong 3 Reviewed by potatomash on Wednesday, June 11th 2014. This Isn't Your Average Game Of Pong. - A game review written by potatomash for the game 'Psychotic Pong 3' by youngcaliman. Rating: 4