Dedicated to Spidermonkey1012

By prenz :: Thursday November 12th, 2020

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For now, I’ll tell you how this game works. The spider and the monkey are nothing but one soul two bodies, they are best buddies… but are trapped in different realms, the spider is in reality but his jumpy friend is trapped in a mirror-like world. All they want to do is meet at the ground floor but their movements are constricted. While the spider moves right the monkey moves left and vice versa, also monkeys can jump higher than the spider (thanks to biology). Beware of traps. There are some small boxes each opening the respective coloured gate. So be prudent and plan your movements, and you can win this thing. Heya fellas, if you don’t know… I am dekks and here is my experimental game dedicated to spidermonkey1012. As you all can see, this game is dedicated to my friend spidermonkey1012 lol. I wanted to make this game called Mirror something :P, but of course couldn’t thanks to lack of free time, though I’ve posted this type of level in my game ‘DR. NOOB’ (which will never be posted as of now) on my main page dekks (check the trailer out lol). All graphics are made by me except for the spider one.