Crystals? Cha-Ching!

Review by probe5 on Tuesday, February 14th 2012
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Physics crystals 2 is a game created by yugioh77

This is my second review, and I'm going to review Physics crystals 2 by yours truly, yugioh77.


Yugioh is a great friend of mine and I promised him that I would review at least one of his games, and well, here we are! :P I've played the first version of Physics crystals and to be honest with you, the first one was okay, but the second one, hopefully will be better. Yugioh has more experience now (no offense, buddy) so this game should be better, right? Right, and I'll assure you that the thumbnail looked great. It had little dots, which must be holes or crystals and I really hope it's crystals otherwise, why call it Physics crystals, am I right? And it also had a fairly sized enemy and a couple of hazards. Hopefully this game is worth playing! ;)

Main View

First off, let me say that this is an interesting concept to be thought up. That concept if you must know is matching two crystals to score. Sounds easy, right? Well I assure you that it is NOT easy as it sounds, the first level may be easy, but after that, it only gets harder. Yes, it is beatable and 100% possible guaranteed. It is addicting as well, especially since there are enemies who chase you around like a cat chasing a toy. (I'll get to the enemies later) And thus, that is how well the concept and addictive the game was.

The scenery was different each and every level there was. Forests, lava worlds and much more as far as the eye can see! My point is, each level was something new, and the concept would be ruined if it was the same thing each and every level for 5 levels! I would go mad! I must say however, that Yugioh did an excellent job in scenery and the worlds as well. There was one level though that didn't have great scenery, but it's barely noticeable and I wouldn't worry about it, Yugioh. Overall though, the scenery was amazing!

The Block Placements were set better than I expected. Each and every block made the game better and harder than ever. Now why can't I make my games as good as this? I mean come on...Oh wait I'm still reviewing, sorry about that! So you basically get that the block placement was creative and good. Now I'll explain to you the enemies and hazards. About 99% of the enemies are right behind your tail, and I guess this is a puzzle in some ways because you have to time and think when you are gonna get the heck away from that enemy! There was a point were you had to chase an enemy to a box, which was good thinking and timing. And with that, Physics Crystals 2 had an interesting enemy placement and it may be the best one yet! (Physics wise)

The Difficulty was an average-hard, depending on the player. Like I said, you're being chased around by enemies, and trying to match crystals with each other and I thought there was a time limit, so I went as fast as I could until I realized, There was none, and I facepalmed myself for such an epic fail. Regarding my actions, I continued on as if nothing happened. You're probably thinking it's easy at first, but like I said, It's hard after the first level. That's how difficult it was.


There are many pros to this game. It had good placement, great scenery, excellent enemies,okay puzzles, and very addictive. Without these, the game would be ruined!


I must say, there wasn't any major cons, but if I must point a con out, it would be that it doesn't have much levels. Maybe add 1 or 2 more, then that would be great!

Scores out of 5

Placements: ____/_____

Creativity: _____/_____

Addictiveness: ___/_____

Puzzle: ___/_____

Overall: ____/_____

After View

Well, my theories were right, this was a game to remember! Everything was great! I forgot to mention, if you added graphics, the game would be a little bit better, creativity wise. I must say yugioh, this may be your best game yet! Pat yourself on the back for a job well done! ;)

Feature Worthy?

Yes, it should be featured. With a variety of puzzles, enemies, and block placements, I wouldn't be surprised if this got featured! ;)

And now, I must say farewell! -waves-


Physics crystals 2 Reviewed by probe5 on Tuesday, February 14th 2012. Crystals? Cha-Ching! - A game review written by probe5 for the game 'Physics crystals 2' by yugioh77. Rating: 4