[TR] The Big Bad Pyramid Needs Improvement!

Review by probe5 on Saturday, February 18th 2012
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Ancient Pyramid is a game created by sphnxgames

This is my first [TR] review, and my fourth review, and I'm going to be reviewing Ancient Pyramid by sphnxgames, so here we go! -Goes into reviewing mode-


Now I really don't know much about sphnxgames or his games, but from the marvelous grapevine that grows somewhere in sploder, his games are pretty good, but that silly old grapevine always lies, so I'm not 100% sure with it at all. So basically, I know NOTHING about this guy, but judging by this thumbnail that is provided for us reviewers, it's a pyramid (obviously) filled with a lot of enemies and traps, wow, my mind almost exploded because of that! Me, oh well, shall we get on with this shin dig or must I explain more? No, alright then...

Main View

Oh man, that was surly an addictive experience for me. No, I didn't beat it, mind you, but got pretty far in it to review this game and I must say, it's pretty addictive for the average player. The concept was okay, but not the best. It was basically you running through a pyramid to get to a crystal with enemies on your trail. I don't know about you, but that sounds dull, but I guess when you think about it, it can be an okay concept, but there ain't no way that this was an original and not predictable concept it was the opposite of that. Now this is the criteria in which sph needs improvement, if he fixes this, it would be a lot better, for me at least. -Winks and laughs-

What dull scenery! There was like, nothing at first, and then a pyramid. Is it me, or am I not experiencing any scenery joy? Because games need scenery joy and this one for crying out loud, doesn't! Wow...but thankfully there was background in the pyramid. If there wasn't, I'd be dead right now (No, not literally) because a lack of art! Games need ART, in my opinion anyways. The bad thing about the scenery is it was kind of the same, until you got underground, and then it changed, finally. Hey sph, don't get worked up over this, this was your first game (from what I heard) and everyone makes mistakes in their first game, right? Right, moving on then...

A placement here, a placement there, a placement everywhere! -flails arms around- Block placement was just basically a pyramid, nothing much to say on that one although I should have seen this coming because of the title, but thought it was going to be more levels and going deep into the pyramid. Oh well, the world isn't fair, that's for sure! There was a massive amount of enemies for the enemy placement though. But it was a little too much. There were times were I was winging it and trying to get past almost ALL of the enemies. Now I said almost people jeez. If the enemies were scattered out and placed just a little bit better than my expectations, enemy placement would be good as gold. There were some health placements, but they weren't helpful. By the time I got to the first medical kit, I died a couple of times and the second one was hard to grasp. Other than that, he really place health very well, but wasn't much of it...

Ironically, there were absolutely NO puzzles. That made me furious! I was expecting an action packed puzzle experience but instead I get blockhead running for his life! Although there were no puzzles, there were some traps into it. You had to be fast to get through the traps and at times, I wasn't very fast, but made it through the traps. The con of this is that there was only very few of traps, but you didn't know when it would be coming. (Duh) I guess this is all to say about puzzles and traps. Wow, what a short paragraph. -Laughs-


-Very addictive

-No lag


These are pros that benefited the game, no improvements on this!


-Game Play





These cons were strong. If you made improvements on these, then they wouldn’t be here,

Scores out of 5

Placements: ___.5/_____

Creativity: __/_____

Addictivness: ____/_____

Puzzle and traps: ___/_____

Overall: ___/_____

After View

Well it isn't all that bad. I did really enjoy playing it and having frustration to beat it. This was very good for a person's first game, but it needs a lot of improvement. Maybe next time scatter the enemies, add more health and I think you'll be fine sph. Overall, nice job. -thumbs up-

Feature Worthy

Well there is one question to remain. Is this game feature worthy? In my opinion, no, but improvements and it would be. That's now I have to say for now, bye!

Comments and thoughts are appreciated. :)


Ancient Pyramid Reviewed by probe5 on Saturday, February 18th 2012. [TR] The Big Bad Pyramid Needs Improvement! - A game review written by probe5 for the game 'Ancient Pyramid' by sphnxgames. Rating: 3