Super Dope Ball DEMO

By purpleorange :: Saturday November 17th, 2018

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Hello guys! if youre asking why is the user Robocop100 put on the tags? because im are him,but this incompleted game was made whit a point.. say goodbye to sploder,well,at 2020 but probably this is my last game and i know that no one cares,but if youre reading this you win my respect gentleman/lady another point of the game is enjoy simple things,dont need to be that complicated at the games that you make,because its your creation,no one can copy your art boy/girl!. So yes,im Robocop100,i made a lot of simple games..but they´re made whit my happines,the feeling of creativity and the fact to craft fun. Thank you very much! and this games is just a Demo,so you can wait the delivery of the game.


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