new life

By rabbitforever :: Monday June 27th, 2011

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we can not handle this anymore the flesh is destroying our civilisation we must evacuate fast to the emergancy shuttles take as many as you can we must record our events incase we must retrace our steps DIARY....... DAY1: we have taken off in all my time ive never seen such a beautiful sight we have landed on a red planet scientists call it acundwi the doesnt seem to be any water sources wait i think thats a lake over there ... we refil our water surply i watch the water run through my hand it seem ... controlled i notice lines and small waves start ripplinon the lake i wasn't the first to notice slowly something emerges from the water a pile of muck it lifts it head its almost 4 metres long run we scample back to the shipoh no its out of fuel i watch as yhe monster open its mouth to reviel rows and rows of needle sharp teeth i hear a cry from a fellow ship mate what are we going to do i hade to teleport the diary to you so you will come and rescue us we left a trail of crystals for you to follow quickly soldier time is running out


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