Paradox Life And Death

By rabbitforever :: Saturday January 21st, 2012

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The alarm is off. You rush to the lab; scientists are running for their lives! You see a dark shadow pass over you and then it suddenly disappears. You turn and venture towards the generator which holds all earths’ power. This is also the direction that the shadow left from. As you enter the somewhat enchanted room you realise the generator is broken. You examine close.r to find The 4 power crystals are stolen. There are also scratches on the control pad. It must of been the flesh. You instantly run over to the central command centre and tell your news. They send you on a mission to journey to the edge of the universe and restore all 4 crystals that the flesh had captured. But there is a time limit the sun is dying from no power. Families are starving but it ll happened so quickly!


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