Being Ultimate

By radeonz9 :: Thursday February 13th, 2014

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Being Ultimate. A PPG that puts you in the skin of an ultimate life form, built to enter in the human world as a spy, as well as a dangerous weapon. However, in order to gain the respect you must, you have to pass in a little test to prove you are the one. The Ultimate Life Form. Are you ready to be ultimate? In an underwater base in deep ocean, a secret and bad intentioned plan was starting to form. Many tried to infiltrate in the base, but all ended up dead. Hope appeared when the first one was created. The first Ultimate Life Form, that was in development for many years. An octopus like creature with an amazing intelligence and skills. The conclusion that, only one wouldn't do the trick came fast, and thus, other three species came to life: Bresky; Acephalous; Dark Wall Ray. The ultimates attacked the base. They succeeded, however, the leader of the base, the one who started the plan, was still alive and willing to accomplish his objectives. This time, on land. And so you came. A land ultimate life form, capable of breathing oxigen, and have great mobility on the ground. You were made simpler, so you can be lighter and move faster. But, are you worthy? The test consists in eliminate all the previous ultimates. If you make it, then you are ready to go. //WALKTHROUGH:


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