Sure A Lot Of Fog Here (Debut Review)

Review by randoe on Wednesday, May 24th 2017
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Fog Temple II is a game created by messi109

Fog Temple II” is the continuation to a more underrated classic, known as “Fog Temple” by Messi109, who is a somewhat underrated user but sincerely has talent in game-making, as good things come in small packages. Seeing what is provided of this game prior to even playing it, such as the title and thumbnail, the game must be interesting, mysterious, and satisfying to play and experience.

The real deal of Fog Temple II is that the world is surrounded in a poisonous fog, and it is a mystery where the fog came from, for you must stop it. However, while you are embarking on this journey, you meet a stranger who obtains the knowledge of where the fog comes from. This is not an effortless and easy expedition, for you must travel through forbidden locations and defend yourself from the hazards these locations offer. You begin the grand gameplay that is set before you, in an amazingly picturesque structure, floating on top of a hazardous tub of lava. With limited information and help, you must find out yourself on how to solve the puzzles in each level that builds up the game, all packed up into such a complex and professional masterpiece.


Overall, the gameplay consists basically of puzzles and action. The player’s mission is to stop the source of the poisonous fog, and throughout achieving that mission you are bound to solve puzzles and defeat various enemies, giving the interesting, adventurous part of the game its place. The enemy and hazard placement creates the challenging atmosphere of the game. For example, in level 3, the player must murder the vicious Natives set before him on the dangerous staircase. In addition, the Natives have kicking skills, and this could greatly pose some challenge before getting kicked off beyond the floating structure all the way down to the lake of lava. However, in level 4, there was a Snarley that was poorly placed, as it was in a close area. The first level begins to be short, and it's likely that's why it is called “Just a Warm Up”. After that, the later levels become more tense adventure-wise, challenging, and life-risking, and even the size of the levels grow larger and larger. 

However, as amazing as the gameplay is, one important element to the game is missing. Music is left out in some levels, which can potentially boost the gameplay’s experience and develop more atmosphere in the levels which left out music. In addition, when there’s no music in a game’s level, it feels as if there is a little chunk left out of the excitement and hype in the game action-wise. Basically, it feels a teeny-weeny bit dull towards a game’s level without music.


On the other hand, the scenery is amazing and gives the game most of its professional, complex and inspirational elements, furthermore it makes the game shine in a whole new light. I admire how the different types of blocks and types of walls were blended in these levels, and especially how the enemies also blended with the scenery, which matched the atmosphere perfectly. However, it might be frustrating for the player since the floating islands are hard to set foot on without slipping off into the burning lava, as several Sploder users complain about this. Overall, the scenery in this game is more improved and detailed than in the original Fog Temple. Messi109 put tons and tons of effort and creation into the scenery, while still focusing on the action and puzzle elements. The amount of great scenery in this game gave me lots of inspiration, and I consider scenery a very important aspect in games.


As I have previously explained, Fog Temple II is a sequel to the original Fog Temple, meaning that the storyline must both be similar. However, the sequel is improved and has better, developed aspects such as action and scenery compared to the original, making the storyline more enriched. The story, overall, is generic in the standards of it being “saving the world”. However, the idea of it being poisonous fog is a very interesting topic and, I must admit, is mysterious and luring. The idea of defending the world from a poisonous fog makes you curious about the game, and want to play it until the very end. Each level has its own unique usage of structure, and builds up little by little of the storyline in terms of enemy placement and puzzles. One thing that can make a storyline more detailed and broad is by adding dialogue, side quests, etc. to a game. This game had little dialogue which, if it had more, would have given the game a more detailed storyline.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

This game is a great example of a professional, well-made adventure game on Sploder, and with no doubt, it truly did deserve its feature and becoming a contest winner. The gameplay was thought out properly with appropriate portions of action, puzzles, and more, which every Sploder user wants and admires. The scenery was amazing, inspirational, and like candy to the eyes, and lured me to play more and thrive in winning the game completely. The reason why I called this review “Sure a lot of “Fog” Here” was because when this game was released, which was apparently when I was around Sploder at the time, blew up and was a trend on Sploder.

Unfortunately, the great game-maker Messi109 is now inactive on Sploder and does not make anymore games. However, the games he left still influenced many Sploder users it seems, and as I can see, many users on Sploder have true potential in game-making and may leave a great legacy on this site. Who knows? It may be you next.

Gameplay: _________/__________
Scenery: _________.5/__________
Story: ________/__________