Psychic Level one

By raquzzic :: Tuesday February 16th, 2010

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You walk out of the shutdown facility, you think its all over. But, little do ya know, its only beginning... You will find yourself fighting through seemingly 00 mutants, dimensional monsters and armed personal... You will die... This is only because i have made it so im unreachable, ever, ever so unreachable... that is because i am good, and you, EX528 is evil... Its known good Always will triumph! Now, i will laugh at your efforts! ... meanwhile... EX528, tired from all the running, slows down... He then calls on his comm... To comm guy... He got the signal, and comm guy responds with "i thought you killed evil, why are the city still being destroyed? We are still losing people, and the mutants are getting really nasty!" EX528 then stated "look, i took your coordinates, destroyed everything that moved, and your saying their is MORE???" "pretty much" "were do i go?" "thats the issue... We dont know, but we noticed some mutants going to some temple, you may wanna see if they have coordinates in the bottom room..." "Were is the temple?" "from were you are, your right in front of it" "thats... great to know..." EX528 then gets out his hunting sword, and proclaims "its time to end this..."


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