Sact.1:Lost ch.2:long way home

By raquzzic :: Wednesday November 12th, 2008

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Debriefing: bltzers (i.e speeders): These weak bacteria can be easily killed, however they move alot, and come in numbers. Magnets and repellers: Massive magnets that can form in places in space, attract and repel anything that is made out of metal. if touched, they shock badly Overview:S.p minotaur finds himself lost in the middle of space. Story:(S.p minotaur escapes the comet, however he lost track of home.) S.p minotaur: uhh caption, im...lost Caption:just keep going, you are headed in the right direction. S.p minotaur:this splode Caption: just keep going, okay. (the "aliens" come off the comet) S.p minotaur:splode


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