Supersantamechadestructo demo

By raquzzic :: Sunday November 16th, 2008

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A war robot was trying to escape a horde of evil bots in greenland. The bot was surrounded. The war robot then attempted to fight.. but it fell down a hole. The robot fell into some sort of workshop. Then, when the robot regained power, it saw a big, jolly man in a red suit. "my.. what is this? I don't remember a toy like this made"wondered santa Santa then heard stomping above him. " what in saint nicolaus was that?" santa wondered. "enemies" the robot then replied"destroy enemies" The robot then boosted out of the workshop with foot jets. "be a good..." The evil bots then took santa. "help me"santa yelled. "rescue"the war robot replied. The war bot then was surrounded by more bots. "destroy...destroy"the enemy robots chanted. This is v2 and a half


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