GrandQuest Darkest Hour

By ravicale :: Sunday August 5th, 2012

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Should you receive lag, click the following link and play there:| Since you have killed Thor, his armies have lightened their grip on the lands. You have liberated the world and despite what the people wanted you simply lived your life as another person instead of being a king. Sadly your humble and quiet life is interrupted by a huge shadow looming over your town. Thor's armies are back, but who is controlling them, what are they planning to do, what is the huge floating temple, and why must it your life end now|Notice: This game encourages exploration, so unless you are trying to do a speedrun and not grab any power-ups to get the best time or if you are on a time budget, enjoy the game to the fullest that you can. Note that every level is possible with only a sword and basic shield, if a powr gluv or grenade[s] are needed then they will be supplied.|Version history: [1.0 (7/1/2012)main game, eastereggs][1.1 (7/3/2012) Save system, fixed archer glitch, hidden an easter egg better, made level 2 start slightly easier, made the puzzle on level 5 slightly more forgiving, made the end of level 4 less tedious, minor speedup on level 5 (~90 unseen blocks removed)]


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