UNL3ASHED: The Movie: The Game

By ravicale :: Tuesday July 8th, 2014

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This is the ultimate action shooter. No long hallways, no obnoxious puzzles, no punches pulled, and all of the explosions that Adobe Flash can render. An easier (and a far less fun and fulfilling)version can be played at: http://www.sploder.com/games/members/ravicale/play/unl3ashed-the-movie-the-lame-3/ Also (@ EGD judges) the game is intentionally short to allow for the most gameplay and least lag, no the story isn't just shallow stupidity (it's actually very meta), downrating for lack of puzzles means that you're missing the point, the number of atomics is a key element of the game and design, yes the disruptors are intentional and can all be dealt with without using mortars and/or getting hit, and every action scene has been very carefully tuned to allow for many solutions while keeping a fast pace.

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