By raymanic :: Saturday June 6th, 2009

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Thank you for reading this description. this game, you will need to destroy enemy bases and visit allied bases. There are also 2 outposts. Destroy these to make a covor spot. You start at a allied base. You can capture bases by destroying all enemies,converting all things that can be converted and destroying enemies around the base. Claim the base south of the start point to get a foothold against the enemy. then visit the vault area for wingmen, tanks, powerups and don't forget to visit the base often. Your first outpost is west of your new base. destroy it. Visit the base south, help your allies with the threats in their base. After the base is saved, get the crystals in the vault area from your allies. Then destroy the yellow key and move on. After this point, just destroy everything.Then get the crystals. remember that you can claim bases, so use that straegy as an advantage. You now know what to do. Hope the level goes well.


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