Adventures in Gameland I

By redcharizard :: Thursday February 22nd, 2018

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Our adventure starts at gameland where gamers 8 bit pixelated alter egos exist along with the retro legends.One day the evil mastermind Mechatron desides to take over arcadeia by glitching out all the powerful retro legends that once protected the gameland after years of waiting he managed to steal the HAX machine from the arcadeia the capital of gameland and use it to his advantage.Princess Eva ruler of arcadeia immediately chose Johnny a skillfull gamer of arcadeia to stop Mechatron.He will face countless dangers throughout his journey and enter the glitch dimension which is Mechatron's parallel universe where no hero has lived to tell about it....This is the only chance for Johnny to stop him and build his own legend as a gamer hero.Hope you enjoy the game and thanks for playing :) CONTROLS AND ACTIONS Press WASD OR the arrow keys to move. Press space to shoot magic spheres(they are blue colored).Gaining more of them provides ammunitiion which can help a lot in the game since it freezes enemies. Press up to W or up arrow key to jump and climb up vines and waterfalls! Tips!:Be sure to backtrack when you activate a switch,chances are you will find a useful item in that location.Same goes with enemies defeating specific enemies makes secret items available!. The game will be also updated once in a while and it might also have in-game changes to provide as much fun as possible for the player yet stay challenging enough.

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