Articunos winter

By religious2 :: Saturday January 26th, 2013

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Hello all, thankyou for playing this game. This is articuno’s adventures. It is winter in the forest; all other birds migrated to warmer areas for summer, except the ice bird, Articuno, who loves the cold. It seems peaceful in the forest, like articuno likes, but out of nowhere, fire Pokémon and flames start to invade articuno’s peaceful abode. They have plans to melt the forest, articuno has to escape without getting burned, perhaps find their master, and defeat him. Join articuno as he strives to complete this task. Help for levels: Level 2.The main task is to get into the cave in the middle of the screen. 3. Push snowballs into craters; get to the resting spot in the middle of the ice stones. 4. Escape the cave, not at the front, but solve the puzzles and search around for a possible opening. 5. The dragging puzzle is in the description; maybe I should leave this level a mystery, for a little challenge? But you have to get into the strange building. 6. Boss. 7. You have to push the snowballs into the craters, small snowballs into small holes, large snowballs into large holes, find the hidden hole and escape. How the story works at the end: The moltres boss seems too tough. You know you cannot beat it. You have to escape that place, and live to fight another day. Moltres played dirty and used his fire advantage over ice to secure sure victory, but you won’t give up, the forest needs saving, and you are the one to save it, before moltres in an attempt to melt the ice burns down the entire forest. Sequel coming soon.


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