Derpy Hero 1

By retroshooter :: Saturday November 21st, 2015

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This is the 1st game in the Derpy Hero series. The difficulty level is only 5 and it only takes around ten minutes to complete, so it's kind of short game. I have used all of the baddies available and there are plenty of power-ups to use if you find it too hard. I would recommend this game to lovers of platform and people looking for an easy game. The controls are pretty straight-forward. Feel free to use any of the ideas from this game to upgrade some of yours! As I said, this is only the 1st game in the Derpy Hero Series, so watch this space, as I am currently working on the second game, plus a prequel! tell you about the charecters in the game: The dude you play as is called Bob Bobbington III. He gets an idea that he is a warrior. And he also thinks he is invincible... But, he isn't. That's the only problem... So, he goes to different parts of the world to destroy all bad-guys. Like: Skeletons, Ninjas, Vampire Bats, Enemy Mechs, Mutants, Dragons, Sword-Men and even Natives!


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