art advice 1. read description

By ripstikguy56 :: Saturday August 22nd, 2009

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TIP #1: make everything even on both sides of the game. TIP #2: when you grab a dot to make another spike/ecstention, cross them over each other. it makes a cool looking effect. (dont do this for your entire game, it dos'nt look as good.) TIP #3: when you first start making an art game, make it appeal to people to get them to play it by making as much cool art as you can that fits on the thumbnail.(the little pic on your games page that shows the game in it.) TIP #4: be creative! obvously! dont do the same disign over and over agian. only on games like this one, where you dont do anything. thats it for today's tips! and if you dont already know, im actualy 91156. this is my 2nd account. if you have any questions, comment and i'll answere them.


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