By robygamesro :: Thursday July 9th, 2015

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*** EGD9 Entry - Platformer *** STORY: "When the simple fine knight saw something in his dream...he started to think that...this simple sentence: 'when dreams come true' can come to reality...The dream was about him destroying the Dominator...twice. He rised up after he was defeated. But, he rised up more powerful. Very powerful. The knight had only his memorial sword, given by his dad, who was dead. Exactly in the combat moments the best attack of the sword has been activated...and...by only few attacks the Rised Up Dominator disappeared...somewhere in Hell...the Magical Sword was his now and everything on Earth was saved. He was the true hero...with the Magical Sword, every enemy that will rise up in the future will be destroyed by him...by The Legendary Dominator Slayer...who is the simple knight... He knew that this dream can come to life. And - he started his journey to Hekla...Will he come back alive?"

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