League of Deities

By rocketeer :: Wednesday March 27th, 2013

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For less lag, use link below: http://www.sploder.com/publish.php?s=d0032ij7 Story--"The Emperor of Hera has sent a message to every man of his crumbling kingdom. According to the Emperor, any man who is able to traverse the harsh and hostile lands and defeat the 5 Deities who control each region, they will gain the mystical Golden Amulet, an object that is said to bless the holder with the power of the gods. Thousands have perished trying to defeat the deities. One day, after your father vanishes during his quest, you step out into the hostile land, determined to be the first man to achieve what non other man nor beast could ever hope to do." *WINNER OF SGD*. Toke me about a months work to make btw so enjoy. Update 11/2/12: Music Added


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