Shades of the Colossus

By rocketeer :: Friday April 22nd, 2016

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*Originally published on 8/2/12* "Four Titans have brought upon great devastation. They have slayed thousands of people, blocked the sun from the sky in order to bring darkness for eternity and have ruled the realm with an iron fist. Before long, according to legend, a triad of 3 warriors defeated and sealed up the beasts within another realm. You, a young and mysterious warrior, perhaps the descendant of the triad warriors, find yourself through a portal and into a forbidden land, one which is isolated and controlled by the 4 beasts. You head out to bring them down, one by one, fearing that if they escape from this realm, they will wreck havoc. It's you fate to either die at the hands of the titans or slay them with all of your might. Your fate, your choice." Q: How long did it take to make the game? A: About 2 weeks Q: Inspiration for the game? A: The focal point of the game is the battle between you and each of the four beasts. Of course, I incorporated puzzles and whatnot in order to make it challenging and more fun. The battles were inspired by SotC, which pretty much changed games altogether. Q:What motive did you have? A: None, besides making a good long game that is worth your time. Q:Inspiration for the Name? A: Shadow of the Colossus was my favorite and focused on fighting 16 epic battles. I decided to make these epic battles to be my focal point in this game.


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