By rocketeer :: Tuesday July 30th, 2013

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*WINNER OF EGD PLAT AND SECOND OVERALL IN EGD 7* My entry for EGD 2013. Also: I HIGHLY SUGGEST THAT YOU ADD ?v=12 TO THE END OF THE URL FOR FASTER SWORD SPEED AND OVERALL GAME SPEED AND THAT YOU CLEAR YOUR CACHE. You can also try the link below if you have any lag. Just know that the ?v=12 trick doesn't work on the link below: ----------------------------------------------------------- http://www.sploder.com/publish.php?s=d003le7e ---------------------------------------------------------- Storyline: The two dragon deities who created the world have been oppressing the humans. The humans now revolt against their creators and demand freedom, something the two dragon gods view as a ploy to commit greed and sin freely. Many warriors have fought their way to the dragons, only to be crushed by their unimaginable powers, the powers which created the Earth, Sun, Sky and Stars. Now in the present, Three Warriors embark on a journey to topple their creators and free their people. It will be a tough journey for them, and in the end, one will fall. Play to find out who. ------------------------------------------------------------


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