The Fire Fours Castle

By rpgamer :: Thursday June 24th, 2010

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The Fire Fours Castle is a confusing,enemy infested area with plenty of mind mixing puzzles and mind blowing enemies. despite how there are 44 enemies to defeat i spread them out as much as possible so you wont get jumped and crowded with frustrating glithces. ***VERY IMPORTANT*** press and hold space near a wall to hit it with your sword and climb it. you MUST use this technique to win. be prepared to be attacked,low on health, and beaten like crazy! because to the evil fire fours army, survival is not an option! its up to you to prove them wrong! this is my 1st game so please dont give bad ratings...this level is difficult but not impossible. especially with the unexpected boss fight in the end! you need to think fast and act fast! cause you can die like THAT! be sure to use your radar.and dont think its all over once you reach near the goal! the firey four who are waiting for you at the floating island on top of the castle wont give you another chance!


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