Sploder Black Avatar Secret

By ruffian :: Sunday December 16th, 2012

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We'll people think I can't do that but heres the complete guide on doing that. This is how to make a black avatar on Sploder: I don't care if anyone gets annoyed with me for doing this. It's not even that much of a big deal, and it isn't even that big of a secret anymore, and it's not that big of an accomplishment. Here is how to get the Black Avatar. Step 1: I used Google Chrome for this, idk if any other web browser has this but anyways. Right click on your avatar and click on "Inspect Element" Step 2: Click the line I clicked and where I have "visible" yours will say "Hidden" Change your hidden to say visible. Step 3: Now after you've done step two, go over to the part where I have the "aaaaaa". Yours will say something different, simply replace those 6 end characters with "aaaaaa" Step 4: Now click the arrow on the avatar part of the coding. then click the layers part. next click on layer 7. Now go to the very right side, and in the background colour part, change that to "black". Yours should say Transparent or it could say something else. After that, simply save your avatar by clicking the save button and you should have the black avatar. How To Make It Transparent: for the value, only the first 0 after the _ needs to be an 'a' in order to make it transparent. Everything else stays normal. - - Enjoy nerds.


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