Rule60s Tips On Game Making

By rule60 :: Tuesday October 28th, 2008

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_____1_____ first you see doors and you know you carnt get through them well go down to bottom of the room and you will see an edge like this ¥ and if your close an of you will see a red dot in the distance well run and fire a boom at it eventurlly the enimie will quickly get to the top and touch a door witch will hit more doors so you can get through. ____2____ then you go up and see 2 paths one is blocked bye 2 obsticles and you carnt get through,well go into the other path to the end top obstical hit it and a wingman will pop out.wingmen are very usefull for fiting through small gaps so push the speed into the 2 obsicals and it will hit the doors so you can get through(go upwards). ____3____ once your through you will come across some tanks witch are behind a set of obsticals and behind the tanks are motars hidden these 2 enimies are the only enimies witch can attack behind something,you can use this for advarntege in the game making.Go down a quickly get the health or if you go to far you will be pushed bye the pusher.once you'v done that and killed the spider get back through the doors and through the blue door. ___4___ ok theres an other pear of paths go down the bottom one and look for the ivisibility witch is anofer thing you should put in your games make your background as camiflaged as the invisiblility so the player carnt see it.once your invisible go up and through the pushers and kill the red spider then go back down and then go through the red door and win !!!congrates!!!


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