The Last Goodbye

By ryanderson :: Monday January 27th, 2020

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Idk what to say there just thank you coolest persons i met in this site lol :D OH RIGHT I FORGOT TO PUT IT IN THE GAME!!! YOU GUYS CAN TALK TO ME ON FB, NAMES THE SAME AND I'M USING A RICK GRIMES PROFILE PIC, I'M ALSO ON XBOX 360 USERNAME NEKENIEH1. Also i'm on Roblox, my username there is the same as sploder, ryanderson. Also i didnt remember to say it, GGESTO UR THE KINDEST MEMBER ON SPLODER EVER!!!!!1111 I'm gonna make GW public. Its impossible to win though and i wont update it so it only goes up to level 3. Btw. j0ji diqphead stop being such a axxhole and come insult me facing me danm coward. J0ji didn't answer my message and now told flame to ignore me. Take notes =D


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