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By saefar :: Saturday August 27th, 2016

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We are unveiling our biggest change in the Saefar brand! This is Saefar Networking. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a networking program which includes the smaller games in and involves the publicising and the advertisement of games of those who want to gain more views and plays on their games.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Saefar Networking imprint in the Saefar brand is the home of where others can showcase their games to get more views and attraction to their games; resulting in them getting bigger accounts on Sploder.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is to help smaller game creators to find smaller games and for smaller games designers to get a larger audience and gain more views.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saefar Networking can help as the Saefar website averages 450 views a week from around 60 countries when the website is active and at least 15% of the views will account to the views of games showcased there that means at least around 270 bonus plays a month. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Creators can also receive more plays from their games being publicised on social media: Facebook: Over 100 likes Twitter: Around 350 followers Google Plus: Over 4,000 views ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To get a partnership you need to contact us on the Saefar Website or leave your email in the sploder comment section on any of Saefar's games or the account. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The game creator has to already have at least 500 total plays on Sploder to be accepted and any games you want showcased have to have the saefar website URL in the description to the game. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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