[BHR] San's 21st Review: Tricky Kills

Review by sansander97 on Friday, December 24th 2010
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Tricky Kills is a game created by netshark

Tricky Kills

This review is being done at night for me so don’t criticize me if my grammar is not up to par. I will be reviewing Tricky Kills by netshark. I really dislike the name and I feel that I could think of at least 10 more creative names than “Tricky Kills”. I really liked all of netshark’s passed games so I figured that I would try this one out.

You begin Tricky Kills with a puzzle that even some older members wouldn’t know how to get passed. You are faced with certain doom until you can figure out a way to reverse the elevator. Once you figure it out (I will let you figure it out), you have to time your departure from the elevator and the constant crushing motion of the crusher perfectly. Once you are passed the gruesome crusher, you find a set of stairs. On top of the stairs you find a platform. There you must defeat a thug. My highest recommendation to destroy the thug the quickest would be to hold shift and press up on the key pad to do a front flip. While in the air, press the space bar to unleash heck upon the thug. Don’t worry, many more puzzles are yet to come. After the thug, fall down into the pit below. There you will find another thug waiting for you. Defeat it in the same ways expressed previously and be sure to watch out for the lava trap waiting behind the thug. This is easily visible on the mini map and the usage of the mini map at this time is highly recommended. After bypassing the lava trap, find a ladder and ascend upwards. You will then be faced with yet another stair case as well as another thug. A snarley will drop down from out of nowhere and release its vengeance on you. Defeat the snarley and climb up the weak floor ladder. Turrets will surely be waiting for your arrival. This is the most that I am going to give you about this game. I highly recommend playing Tricky Kills to see what I didn’t cover in this overview.

Tricky Kills lacks in scenery in some essential spots but has a lot of scenery in spots such as the underground cave in which the background can’t be seen anyway. I do however like the orange blocks and tiles used in this game. It surely appeals to my senses and prevents me from leaving the game early. Tricky Kills is quite an easy game to play. This game only has a few weak enemies mixed in infrequent spots. Some parts of this game are really straight forward while others can be challenging. Tricky Kills incorporates some well known glitches such as the ramp-walk-through glitch. This doesn’t necessarily make the game any harder, it just adds to the creativity. Some falling spikes and probes are used occasionally but not overwhelmingly. As for creativity, I have never seen particularly the orange tiles used in any game I have ever played yet. This game is basically a stairway montage. You are constantly going up and up and up rarely ever coming down for any reason. No offence netshark, but I really don’t believe this game should be featured.


Adding new secret traps and locations would add more difficulty. Scenery should also be placed in various locations such as difficult parts and places. I would also spend some time thinking of new game titles to use instead of “Tricky Kills”.

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