Ideas For Platformer Games

By sean1000 :: Sunday December 13th, 2009

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I have come up with some good ideas for Platformer Games. First, we can have allies to fight on our side, and help you defeat large enemies like George and FireTroll. Second, we can have spiked boots as a new power-up, which allows us to hurt enemies when we jump on their heads. The spiked boots can also allow us to climb up walls that we could only climb using the sword climb technique. My third idea is that there could be new enemies, including boss enemies that when we put in a boss enemy, it will change the objective to Defeat the Enemy Boss. The Boss enemies are very large and hard enemies, more powerful than a FireTroll. Idea numero 4, we should have rocket launchers that deal massive damage to enemies. The rockets can be homing rockets, just like the Missiles in our Ship Games. The fifth idea is that we can type our own text in signs. The last idea I have is that we can have miniguns, which are big automatic guns with a rotating barrel and have very fast firepower. Thiese ideas I have come up with are very good, and maybe we could eventually have those things for our Platformer Games.


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