Nobody likes you even the owl3

By sebelo :: Monday November 15th, 2010

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Ah yes. "Nobody likes you even the owl3". I like this game. I added a jet-pack as requested by someone, and a vehicle. I won't be telling you what vehicle, though. EDIT: Since people are having trouble finding the escape pod, I will edit the description and help those who can't beat it. 1ST: Jump as far left as you can, avoiding the first lava pool. 2ND: Using the sword, climb up the wall containing the trapped FireTroll. 3RD: Jump over the hole in the ground. It will lead to a dead-end with a teleporter, as a remembrance of the other "Nobody likes you even the owl" games. 4TH: After jumping over the hole in the ground, use EITHER Jetpack or Rover and cross the LEFT side of the map. 5TH: Jump into the second lava pool, and at the bottom there is the escape pod. Take it, and go play "Nobody likes you even the owl4". That's where a story takes place.


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