Legacy of Oracle

By secretism :: Sunday October 24th, 2010

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A young 8 year old girl yelled while running away from the Streta Bandits ,you shut your eyes as you a blow to the head caused her to lay down as if asleep.Just then light cascade into the area your family was hiding in.A hand curled around your mothers hair."Mother!"You yell loudly.You closed your eyes and heard you dad yell.You felt blood splat on your face,then a hand grabbed you and pulled you out of your hiding place"No!This cant be happening"you say to yourself."Wait."Said the Head Master,"Dont kill him.""But sir,"A man said,"No...dont kill him,he is 1 of 5 Oracles"Said the Head Master again.The took out a knife and marked you,blood streamed down your face.You went unconsious.20 years later you woke up from the coma,they cursed your villiage with an eternal flame,now gain access to the Ripht Demension to catch the bandits and take revenge...


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