Shadow Quest BOSS FIGHT Egg Spider

By shadow52789 :: Tuesday June 22nd, 2010

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[This is part 17 of the Shadow Quest series.] Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Silver, Blaze, Shadow, and Chip escaped the temple before it crumbled to dust. {Shadow}: "Okay, Omega is somewhere in Metropolis destroying Eggman's robots as usual." {Sonic}: "And Rouge is looking for valuable jewelry?" {Knuckles}: "Or maybe she's looking for the remaining shards of the Master Emerald again!" {Blaze}: "Who should we look for first?" {Knuckles}: "Omega! I say we find Omega and forget Rouge! Great plan! Who's with me?" {Silver}: "Knuckles, we need all the extra help we can get. Sure she's annoying to you, but she can come in handy." {Sonic}: "Yeah! And besides, something might happen between you two!" {Knuckles, in anger}: "What's THAT supposed to mean?" {Sonic}: "I've seen the way Rouge acts around you." {Shadow}: "Sonic! Watch out!" Shadow pushes Sonic so a large capsule doesn't trap him, but unfortunately Shadow himself got trapped! {Sonic and the others, in shock}: "Shadow!" {Shadow}: "Why can't I teleport out?" {Eggman}: "Ha! Would've been better if I trapped Sonic, but at least I trapped the Ultimate Life Form!" {Sonic}: "Eggman!" {Eggman}: "That's right, Sonic. I'm back and I have a new creation that not even Shadow can destroy! The reason you can't teleport out is because the chamber is powered by two Chaos Emeralds! All I have to do is press this little button and Shadow will be instantly disintegrated within seconds!" {Knuckles}: "Why you little rat! Take this!!" Knuckles then jumps into the air onto the creation's splodepit and lands a hard blow, causing Eggman to jump backwards onto his controls. The capsule containing Shadow begins to glow red. {Shadow, to Knuckles}: "You idiot!" {Blaze}: "Oh no! Guys, we have to stop this before the capsule sets off!" {Eggman}: "TOO LATE! Say your goodbyes, for they shall be your LAST! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!" {Shadow}: "Don't worry about me. Just go find Rouge and Omega, and you can tell them what happened to me if they ask." The lasers activate and Shadow vanished in a white light. {Eggman, in his mind}: "Wait a minute. That wasn't supposed to happen. He should've vanished in a red light. Did I hit the time travel button by mistake? Ah, who cares! At least Shadow's out of the picture!" {Knuckles}: "Argh! I can't believe I made a stupid mistake like that!" {Blaze}: "I thought he can't die..." {Tails}: "Sonic, what do we do?" {Sonic}: "I'll tell you what we're gonna do. We're gonna destroy this madness!" {Knuckles}: "Anytime you're ready!" {Eggman}: "Bring it on! you shall be next to fall victim to the EGG SPIDER!" (You are playing as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Blaze, and Silver. Shadow is the ninja that is seen at the beginning of the game.)


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