Shadow Quest Werewolf Rematch

By shadow52789 :: Sunday September 20th, 2009

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[This is part 8 of the Shadow Quest Series]. Shadow the Hedgehog has made it to the workshop of his friend Miles "Tails" Prower, with an imp-like creature known as Light Gaia, more commonly known as Chip. He found Tails working on some upgrades for armor, weaponry, and some upgrades on his plane 'The Tornado'. Tails apologized to Shadow for his new security system that he just installed to ward off the minions of Dark Gaia. Shadow then replied by saying "That's not important right now, Tails. I was attacked by a monster who looked a little familiar." Tails asked if it had spines on the back of its head. Shadow then said "Yes. How did you know? Did it attack you?" Chip then said "No. We know about the creature for two reasons." Shadow asked them to tell the reasons on why they know the monster. {Tails}: "The first reason is that we have encountered him before, knowing that it's actually Sonic the Hedgehog." {Shadow}: "That thing is Sonic!? But he looks and acts different!" {Chip}: "Well, that's because he is a werewolf due to Dark Gaia's corruption to him." {Tails}: "Normally, his will is too strong to be lost to darkness." {Shadow, impatiently}: "What's the second reason you know about the creature?" {Chip, nervously}: "Well, he's right outside the workshop and he's heading this way." {Shadow}: Leave him to me. Tails, start up the energy shield to prevent him from entering the workshop." {Tails}: "Okay, but take Chip with you. He will be able to provide you with some useful information."


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