Fat Sapphire 4. Open World

By shadowbonnie7 :: Wednesday January 25th, 2017

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Note: THIS GAME WAS HARD TO MAKE. It was frustrating and time consuming, so please enjoy. Sapphire is back, and bigger than ever! After the events of FS3, Sapphire has to save the world from Blonde Baddie! Eat pizza, triumph over mighty bosses, and roll Sapphire to victory! Here is a breakdown of what the game includes: A cute and inflated 14 year old girl...Chain Chomps!...Humor...3d graphics...6 awesome and brain teasing open world levels with unique environments and rules...2 fearsome bosses...An intro and ending...A cliffhanger...Puzzles...A level made of CAKE!!!...A moving platform...Other bleep. Enjoy!


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