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Review by shadythecreator on Thursday, December 21st 2017

The PPG is undoubtedly the most advanced creator on the site by a long shot, and many members have taken the creator to its limit and have created some of the greatest games on the site. From the incredible concepts from creators like Youngcaliman and Makever to the mind blowing usage of graphics from people like theundead101 and Sceptile, we have seen so much diversity in games since the creators inception. So, what happens when you take some great PPG creators and have them collaborate on a massive project full of mini games? You get Splatterís Mashup Pack. So, letís look at this.

Since each level is made by a different creator, I will write a paragraph on each level and score each one, then tally the final score in the end for an overall analysis. Letís get this going!

Level 1 - Sticki

Sticki, arguably one of the most creative members on the site, is the mastermind behind this first level. First off, let me say that I love the minimal look of the game. Everything is a block, similar to a game from 1987. Despite the use of only blocks in this level, the playing field is actually pretty detailed. You know that itís a cave from the shape and the use of the brown color, plus a pool of water in the top left corner that was a great addition to the map. Now, for the gameplay. It revolves around a simple yet enjoyable premise of hitting ďkeysĒ to add or remove stuff that helps the player get to the final goal. This was executed incredibly well and despite the simplicity of the whole level, it was still enjoyable to play. I give this an 8.5/10 for the great gameplay and incredible use of minimalism, but it was a bit too simple.

Level 2 - shibuvsvinayak

One of the original genres, going back all the way to the days of arcades, was the racing genre. Those top-down, difficult to maneuver, pixelated arcade games have been almost perfectly replicated by our next creator, shibuvsvinayak. The controls were what made this great, in all honesty. One thing I hate about racing games, especially ones on Sploder, is that your car can be really hard to control. However, both the speed and movement of the player is perfect in this one. Itís easy to control, yet has pretty realistic physics for a game of this kind. The scenery was also pretty solid, and the track looks like a genuine NASCAR track, which is always a bonus. The cars themselves were cbleep looking to spaceships in my opinion, but they were still pretty decent and fit in with the rest of the game well. 9/10, a great racing game and Iíd love to see more of this particular mini game.

Level 3 - Probe

Hereís one dedicated to precision. Made by Probe, the entire level revolves around shooting an orb, but itís more than you think. Smaller orbs float around to attack you and blocks revolve around the orb, getting in your way. I enjoyed the concept but felt that it could have been done better. Once I found a good spot for my character to camp at, I finished the game with no problem, undermining the timing and precision needed for a game like this. I thought that the limited amount of bullets was a nice addition as well, however that limit couldíve been a lower amount for more challenge. It took me a little bit to figure out what I was even doing and I screwed up a lot, especially with shooting bullets when I shouldnít have, however I didnít even worry about the limit. 7.5/10, a bit underwhelming and could definitely improve but still enjoyable to the player.

Level 4 - bestatgames9

Never before have I sweared more than I did with this level. Definitely a brick wall when the last three minigames have been pretty easy. Bullets flying everywhere, large jumps, difficult to shoot enemies; this is a recipe for a challenge. For me, the most obnoxious part of this whole level was the drone that constantly followed you around and shot continuously at you. Even when you shoot some of the enemies, bullets still get fired at you, and even worse, the follow you. However, I have to appreciate the amount of effort put into this. The scenery is incredible and the way the enemies work is without words, Iím just amazed at how it was put together. 7/10 for the annoying enemies but Iím very pleased with how the level was created. I think this level couldíve been put later in the game as well, but itís still a really nice level.

Level 5 - Splatter

The creator of the whole project has brought the most puzzling one yet. There are no enemies this time, itís all about getting gems with boxes. This took so long for me to figure out but I was enticed the whole time. I wonít spoil the method but it took me a long time to figure out and depending on your skills with puzzles, it might take a long time with you too. However, I wasnít angry and frustrated at it because with every retry, I learned something new about the specific method to pass the level. I was on my toes the whole time as I learned about the level, and it was a challenge, definitely. 9.5/10, you wonít regret this one, even if youíre bad with these kinds of levels.

Level 6 - Tbremise

This was an awkward one, to say the least. I love Tbremise as a game creator but I found this as one of his weakest projects. From the concept of shrinking to putting out the fires, the whole level is pretty messy. Half the time, I couldnít even switch to the smaller character. The controls were also really awkward and it took more tries than it should have just to get from one place to another. I would also randomly die, which I think was a byproduct of the placement of the enemies. 5/10, I liked the concept but the game was barely playable and overall just really frustrating.

Level 7 - Wordigirl

Hereís a switch-up: a maze. However, itís more than a maze. Itís a maze that keeps you on your toes with the time limit. Shoutout to Wordigirl for the timing, 3 minutes is absolutely perfect for this level, I and many others only had seconds left when the level was finally finished. I think the time limit is what makes this level so memorable, it forces the player to think on their feet and learn the map fast, when makes for a very enjoyable fast paced game. This is another level Iíd love to see more of, I had a lot of fun with this. 9.5/10 for the perfection in the timing and overall fun factor.

Level 8 - Princehades

3D! I get so amazed every time I see anything 3D in the PPG, and this is the best looking 3D world Iíve seen on all of Sploder. I absolutely love how amazing this level look, itís easily the best looking level so far and Iíll go as far as to say itís one of the most aesthetically pleasing levels on all of the site. The color palette makes it so great, a great choice by Prince. Now, howís the gameplay? Incredible. Iíve probably used that word 500000 times in this review, but holy balls, the concept of this is so much fun. The obstacles make it even more of a challenge, but the major problem is that the hitboxes are awful in this game. You can never tell where you can and canít stand because the hitboxes are so off from the obstacle. 6/10 for the great level design but the poor hitboxes ruin the level for me. However, I understand that it might be a downside to 3D PPGs.

Level 9 - Jigglypuff12345

Every time I think these levels have the best scenery Iíve ever seen, I get proven wrong every time. I love the smokey effect so much, that was a great addition to this game.The overall gameplay isnít anything revolutionary or anything, but having to find your way through darkness by hitting the black in order to see whatís in front of you is a really great concept and definitely adds a new idea to the maze genre that weíve seen before with Wordigirlís level. As I played through this, I realized this level was actually more similar to Wordigirlís level than I thought. Once you get pretty far into this level, the enemies that come after you give the player the same ďheart-poundingĒ feeling that I got with Wordigirlís level. Hell, the large red square that chases you gave me the EXACT feeling that I had at the ending of Wordigirlís level. Even with the slight similarities, I still really heavily enjoyed this level. 8.5/10, this is also one Iíd like to see more of.

Level 10 - FuztheHamster

This is it, the final level. After nearly 45 minutes of careful timing, analyzing, and just enjoying the game, it all comes down to this. This is the finale. The conclusion. So, how does it hold up as both a conclusion and a level on its own? Oh my god, this game is absolutely wild. You get bombarded with projectiles from all directions and itís a goal of survival. I nearly screamed when I saw just how much was going on at one time, but wow, was it a blast. Despite the difficulty, I had a lot of fun with this one. It gets harder and harder as it progresses and I think that simple fact right there is what made this one iconic to me. However, I do find it a bit bland in general. 8/10, this game was too wild and a great send off for this adventure.

Now, letís discuss how I felt about the game overall. This was an adventure, to say the least. A mashup indeed, and a mashup of very diverse games in genre, atmosphere, difficulty, and gameplay. Everyone involved worked super hard on this and it really paid off because I enjoyed the hell out of this. Sure, there were some issues and there is definitely room to improve. However, I think with the fixes, we would have a really solid game on our hands, although we arguably already do. Is this game feature worthy? Definitely. The amount of work that went into this, whether it be the level designs or concepts, is something that should be recognized by everyone. The games were a lot of fun to play and as I was looking as deep as I could into many of the levels, I noticed so much detail and a fantastic usage of everything the PPG has to offer.

As I said in the introduction, Iíll tally up all the ratings I gave to each individual level and average it out to receive a final score. Overall, the game gets a 7.1/10 from me. A great game with a lot to offer, and I think the flaws can be overlooked, but I also believe they can be tweaked since their so minor. As I said, I would gladly feature this, and I recommend it to everyone who reads this.

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