The Dismissal of Sharkfan2

By sharkfan2 :: Sunday November 4th, 2018

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Hello and thanks for selecting my game! This description is an eyesore isn't it? For important bits, use CTRL F and type in the number of the level you're stuck on. I haven't made any games for years so I had to get the hang of using the physics puzzle creator again. But, I can proudly say that this is probably the best game I have ever made on Sploder and I'm glad I am finishing off with it. Now because the description I can give in the levels is limited, I'll give more detail as to what to do here for every single level. I'm sorry if I repeat what is said in the description of the levels. Level 1 (Boing Boing Boing Boom): Do absolutely nothing. Just watch the satisfying explosions (at least I find it satisfying anyway). I tried to do my levels in ascending difficulty and this one is definitely the easiest. Level 2 (Free Popcorn): Use left and right to move. Hold space to release the popcorn! Try to get the popcorn inside the boxes or face the penalties if it touches the ground. The first set of boxes move at average speed, the second set move at a fast speed and the last set move slowly allowing you to rack up the points. It is not essential to fill every box so don't lose hope if you do poorly on one or two boxes. Level 3 (Strong Guy): Use W and S to control your left arm and up and down to control your right arm. You need to knockout your opponent by punching them as hard as possible but be careful, they are also trying to knock you out! To block their attacks, put your fists next to your head. Also, keep an eye on the short time limit. Level 4 (Castle Destroyer): Okay, maybe this one easier than level three, but try thinking of this one as a quick break. Use left and right or A and D to move. Use up or W to jump if you get knocked over. Aim with the mouse and click to shoot. I apologise for saying it's space to shoot in the level description. If you're really can't figure out how to get across, you need to shoot the ground to reveal a secret tunnel that can be used to go under the castle. Then to get back out, shoot the ceiling of the cave on the other side and go up the invisible ramp but don't accelerate too much or you'll topple over. Finally, shoot down the castle! Alright, maybe that isn't the final step... You must then destroy the defense robot or just hide in the tunnel and let it run off. Psst, you can actually destroy the robot before it even appears! Level 5 (Magnet Block): Use left and right or A and D to move and space to activate/deactivate the magnet. You cannot jump as the magnet block but the magnet will prove to be very useful. The magnet will always try to stick you onto the centre of metal objects which can be exploited so that if you deactivate the magnet while moving, you will retain your velocity and be launched. It is crucial that you use this exploit to get from place to place and also to break things. This level has two phases which means there are two magnet blocks. When the transition occurs, click on the second magnet block to begin controlling it. An arrow should point to where it is. If this level lags for you, it should get better the further you go as objects will disappear whenever you reach a certain 'checkpoint'. Important: If you get stuck on one of the checkpoints, try wiggling out or just keep moving in a direction, sometimes doing nothing helps. Level 6 (I Am Famished I Could Eat Anything): Hold your mouse button over the character (located in the middle) and move your mouse to drag him/her/it. Certain foods require you to slam/chomp into it harder to eat it but don't go too hard or you may eat things that are not to be eaten or you may be tossed out of bounds! The ice cubes and the brussel sprouts were taken out the level as I thought they were a little weird to include, and instead, there's the new cheese and strawberry to replace. Don't get confused by what I mean by don't eat 'things you should not eat'. What I mean is don't eat things that aren't edible like bones on fish or the stick of a lollipop (at least I don't think their edible). I know you shouldn't really be eating things like rock because it's bad for your teeth but in this case, you can! The thing in the bottom left is milk! Sorry about that, the help and retry button are in the way of the name. Level 7 (Planet Trampoline): Use left and right or A and D to move. Like level 5, you cannot jump and that's to avoid multi-jumping. Get on the trampoline and you should start bouncing. Your objective is to bounce as high as possible out of the planet/moon. Once you get out of that planet/moon, you'll enter another one in which the trampoline is smaller and you must get out again. Fun fact: the character you use was originally square in its own game but because it was too difficult to play, I decided to add more sides to make bouncing less erratic. Another fun fact: the Sun is actually white when seen outside of Earth. But despite this knowledge, you can move around on Jupiter and Saturn even though they're gas planets! Level 8 (The Great Adventure Part 25): Use left, right, up and down or WASD to move. Your sword will point to the location of the mouse. Your bombs will not work underwater so you can only rely on your sword to protect yourself from enemies such as sharks. It isn't essential to kill all the enemies apart from the last one... This level also has two phases like level five so you must click on the character when you are asked to in order to get control. You are gifted an extra life when you transition to the next phase. :) Don't touch the pointy stalactites, stalagmites or the glowing hot walls with your body and in phase two, watch out for hot smoke emissions that erupt suddenly and watch out for the invincible jellyfish! It's best to stay close to the floor of the room with the jellyfish. For some reason, touching the pathways to the next phase with your body hurts you too so touch it with the sword instead. Also, don't miss any of the coins in phase one because if you enter phase two, they'll be uncollectable! When I replayed The Great Adventure, I noticed there weren't any underwater levels which is why I have decided to make one now. Level 9 (The True Final Boss): Who would have guessed, the true final boss is me, and this level consists of eight different phases, all of them being related to the levels you have already done!!! Are you ready? Phase one: Click on the character from The Great Adventure to gain control. You can tell if you have successfully selected the character if I start looking at you. Watch out for the annoying help and retry button. If you're finding it hard to click the character, press P to pause the game, then click the character. Use left and right or W and S to move. Use up to jump and the sword will point to the location of the mouse. "I will ward you off with a huge weapon that I will swing quickly and occasionally switch directions to put you off! It also shoots deadly balls of energy that home in on you slightly. Try hitting me with that fire sword of yours by getting on the platforms if you can! Oh yeah, I stole your bombs so you can't use them against me!" Phase two: Click on the character from Planet Trampoline to gain control. Use left and right or A and D to move. You cannot jump. "I have shrunken your trampoline to just over half its size when you were on Saturn and I have also destroyed a part of the platform you are on. However, the side effect is that the trampoline is slightly more bouncy than what is used to be. I bet you can't bounce high enough to come back down and hit me!" Phase three: Click and drag the character from I Am Famished I Could Eat Anything. "I have summoned four spike walls that will circle around me, I wouldn't touch them if I were you. Just don't slam into me too hard or you may end up defeating me. No, I take that back, you can not and will not defeat me!" Phase four: Click on the character from Magnet Block to... do you get the idea? Move like you normally would but you cannot jump. Use space to activate/deactivate the magnet. "I've kept my spikes from the previous phase and they're still as pointy as ever! I also have two blocks of bricks that will protect me against your bashing technique. Well... protect me against some bashes at least. They'll do, you're not beating me anyway." Phase five: No need to click anything this time! But you do need to click anywhere with the mouse to shoot. Due to some game making issues, you cannot control the Turret Car this time so it will move on its own. "I have put up a defensive force field that will reflect your own shots back at you! If you look closely, you can see its weak spo... You didn't hear/read anything! There aren't weak spots in my plans!" Phase six: No need to click anything this time either! Use W and S to control your left arm and up and down to control your right arm. "I'm not like that other boxer you went against before, I will be the one on the offensive this time with rapid punches you just will not be able to keep up with! I can get exhausted a bit after some time but I don't completely let my guard down because I'll still punch with my other arm. I don't even need to keep my eyes on what's going on!" Phase seven: Click on the popcorn dispenser to gain control. Use left and right or A and D to move. Use space to release the popcorn. Don't let ANY popcorn hit the ground this time! "I hate that flavour of popcorn your using, and you're going to pour it atop of my head? Not a chance with this... er... hat I brought with me just in case! I'm prepared for things like this! The problem is that the hat doesn't seem to completely fit and it keeps sliding off, but that's the least of my concern! Actually, it isn't. What concerns me less is your chance of conquering me!" Phase eight: Watch. You've won... "What's this... power and control you're capable of? You've defeated me so... effortlessly... I thought I was immortal! I can't believe this... it must be a bad dream... it must be! You haven't seen the last of meeeee!!!" You may now look at the comments and tags. Let me know what you think of my game and rate what you think it deserves. Maybe you'll think about nominating this game?


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