Escape the Dropship Revamped

By shayminlord789 :: Saturday April 3rd, 2010

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HOLD IT! IF THIS GAME IS TOO LAGGY, DUE TO IT HAVING 2,300+ BLOCKS, USE You've always been crowned a king for your epic escape from the dropship... But your mind has strayed from the truth. You forgot the maze entirely, and rebuilt it all in your head, making it seem like the ultimate death trap. Then you have a dream, and it wasn't any ordinary dream, it felt like you had lived it all before... You ventured deep into the unknown, into the hands of fate, successfully survived a crashlanding, witnessed the fall of the twin towers from the inside, and entered a dropship. Those all seemed exactly the same. But as you entered the dropship, something didn't seem exactly right... Was it the new decorating? Or was it the lack of tensity? Possibly something else... At last it hits you: You're living your own memories. Thor claps, thus making you turn around... He explains that this is all a lesson of humbleness, which you don't have an ounce of. If you lose (which you probably will) you lose your life. If you win, you keep your life and will be honored with unimaginable powers... Can you survive the death trap you've made for yourself? Or will you realize the truth about your vain mind and give up? _________________________________________________________________________ The first in the Revamped series, also has a tie with my next series, Three Swords.


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