Battlefield Warfare

By shirazmemon :: Friday May 22nd, 2015

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Now this game is really hard, but please do not leave mean comments about losing because it is possible. I completed it. I always test my games to make sure they are possible. So please do not leave rage comments. I know it is sometimes very laggy and that leads to 0 player interaction, but restart the game in fast mode if its laggy or just close up the browser, and it should work again. If that does not help, shut down and restart your computer. I apologize for too much lag, they are just too many objects on screen. So yeah, thats basically it. Oh, and this game has a story too(read below).-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You are a young soldier. You are only 15 but you have been forced to war. You live on a planet where people are ships, and army suits are purple. Now it is up to you and your army to defeat the other army, and win the land you guys are fighting about. You are our last hope.------Sh


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