Shifting Boxes

By sivershadows :: Thursday July 12th, 2018

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READ THIS FOR GUIDENCE: Right well okay, so if you’re reading this I’ve successfully released this game, so that’s nice eh? This game first entered development in April this year, it wasn’t my initial intentions to place it into the annual competition of EGD, buuuut I did it anyways. Anyways, I’m going to provide you with a few pointers for each level, I would love to grant you with a walkthrough but I don’t have the resources to do so. Level 1: Basically what it says on the tin; you read the stupid dialog and there ya go. Level 2: Fairly straightforward most will be indicated to you, I’ve tried my best to allow this game to cater to everyone, so I’ve given pointers in places I think are needed. This goes for every level. Level 3: One thing I will say; good luck, this one kinda stresses me out if I’m fair, hopefully not too much, I wouldn’t want you rage quitting on me now… Level 4: Ugh, an ugly mouse, my graphic skills are terrible you’ll be able to see that… Level 5: I know there isn’t much logic here but bear with me; the electric boxes do not mix with ice. Make sure ice is kept AWAY from them. This level can also endure stress towards the beginning too, those stupid electric boxes… Level 6: I introduce a new mechanic here, pretty simple; make sure the water doesn’t collide with the light, haha; a bit of a reoccurring theme here. Make sure the metal cube is dragged under the fragile box, psst I’ll even throw in that it can literally be dragged straight into the second barrier (you didn’t hear this from me). Level 7: Oh hey! The water mechanic has made a return. This time it’s faster though. This level shouldn’t be too hard. Level 8: I tried to keep the mechanics of the whole game here, I know we see a different setting but I’m hoping it’s a nice end off to the game. Those snowballs can be annoying though.

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