[#2] I Didn't Know Spirits Could Die?

Review by sivershadows on Monday, November 14th 2016
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Grey Shadows is a game created by yellowwaffle

I was never planning to review this I just started to play it and just had to. I donít know too much about yellowwaffle to be honest, this is the first game Iíve played by him. I really wasnít too sure on what to expect from him but I thought if itís featured it must be good. It's concept is just a normal platformer, or is it? Letís take a lookÖ

In the beginning I actually thought the game was really boring and easy; once progressing through levels it became more entertaining. You played as a wandering spirit who wanted to see what happened in their absence. I feel like yellowwaffle didnít tell us how the spirit became a spirit in the first place. Advancing through the levels I started to understand why it had been featured. The gameís concept was simple but the mechanisms of it all werenít, my favourite part was the boat on level five. Iím not completely sure on how the boat was pulled off but it certainly was unique. The first level consisted of two obstacles one being a falling tree, which I thought was quite clever. Level one on a whole was fairly easy but usually the primitive level is. I feel like some of the levels in this game were way too simple, like level 7 for example, all you had to do was walk into a ďspirit.Ē I feel like YellowWaffle couldíve added something more challenging there. In a traditional game you would usually start off fairly easy and ease your way into a more difficult batch of levels, this game wasnít the case. Level 2 seemed way easier than the first level, but whatever floats your boat.

I would have to say level 8 was not my favourite. The boss battle was extremely long and tedious. There was an angry spirit monster type thing that didnít seem to like your presence. You were given no choice but to shoot him down, it took 130 bullets to kill this thing. The spirit also was shooting you which made it very challenging. Touching the boss would instantly kill you, he was also flying around; talk about stressful!

Letís hop onto placement and scenery. The gameís placement in my opinion seemed fairly adequate, only a few misplacements here and there nothing too much to worry about. Obviously the game has to be quite dark and gloomy looking; after all it is called Grey Shadows. I feel like some levels did lack scenery though. I feel like a bit of a hypocrite saying the backgrounds were very plain and grey, but they were. Apart from that the placement/scenery were both great.


Entertaining gameplay


Adequate scenery


Lack of storyline

Seemed very repetitive

Some levels lacked amazement




Scenery: __/_____



In conclusion this game was very enjoyable. Some cons here and there but overall it was a great game. Feature worthy? In some levels yes, but others no. I think that some certain levels let it down. I know my opinion doesnít matter that much, as Iím not an editor but I feel it only just made the feature. It got a bit repetitive as you progressed, but on a whole I guess so. Thank you for taking your time to read my review.


Grey Shadows Reviewed by sivershadows on Monday, November 14th 2016. [#2] I Didn't Know Spirits Could Die? - A game review written by sivershadows for the game 'Grey Shadows' by yellowwaffle. Rating: 4