[Editor App] Let's Try This Again - A Review Of Visualise - Bricc

Review by sivershadows on Sunday, February 3rd 2019
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Visualize is a game created by bricc

Hello and welcome to my second, and hopefully last, editor application. I thought it would take an immense amount of time to find the perfect contender; I was surprised when I was able to get to this so fast. Now, Bricc has been on this site for years, maintaining multiple alts which produce some wonderful games; this has got to be one of my favourites. So why did I choose this game you ask? Let's find out...

With wonderful graphics, clean placement and a unique concept I had no choice but to place my application here. Let's discuss the concept first. Finding an exclusive concept nowadays is extremely hard for both the creator and the player. Bricc was fortunate enough to strike gold here. The game's notion is basically, the player takes control of a glitched music machine known as "Visualize", we aren't told why we must take the reins here but it's certainly exciting to do so. Each colour bar is mapped to a keyboard button, J for red, K for blue and L for green. This is useful because on a standard keyboard, those buttons are right next to each other. This potentially eliminates sources of frustration. Bricc eradicates ways of cheating by adding a virus bar, so if the player was to hold down a colour too long they would instantly lose. This also adds a new element of strategy and gameplay. Although we have high aspects of stress and frustration they soon turn into rewards as you progress the levels. The whole game is packed full of tense moments that drive the player into continuation. With the virus bar and quick spawn times, the player is never standing still, you feel as if you really are on edge, which gives off slight adrenaline, adding to the enjoyment. As you continue you can really develop slight strategic moves by timing when you will press each button, this can always go wrong however. Once Bricc introduces the blue bar the elements of fast paced, stress-fully amazed, concepts flow in. The player finds them self fully immersed in their own world of strategic moves and slight stress, good stress.

Placement is next and god is it clean. The art style is both simplistic and effective. The style is definitely my favourite regarding ppgs. Because of its integrity Bricc was able to focus more on the gameplay/placement aspects, this proved to be a good plan because we were left with a beautiful game. I don't have much to dig regarding placement because Bricc did a very good job with it. I don't at all believe a game has to have impeccable placement to be worthy anyways, I am more focused on the gameplay itself.

I would like to dedicate this paragraph to talking about the game's individuality. Bricc has a wide range of ppg skills; because of his gigantic experience in the creator he was able to create a wonderful new concept. From something as simple as a virus meter that increases, he can create an excellent, sound free device. It's wonderful and certainly rewarding to see. Back to the topic at hand, when I search for a feature worthy game I tend to look for a game that brings something new to the table; this is one of those games. Bricc does an amazing job of setting the game's genre and concept from the very start, this allows the player to really get a feel for it.

Not much scenery, this, in some cases can become an issue; not here. Visualise is the kind of game that just requires a simplistic design, yes Bricc could've added masses and masses of graphical details, but it really wouldn't change much. It's more preferable for Bricc to focus more on the gameplay elements and aspects rather than do heavy on scenery and discard entertainment.

I'll touch a bit on difficulty, and then I'll wrap this up. Yes, this game is quite arduous but it doesn't prevent the player from taking enjoyment. The strenuous tendencies allow the player to feel a sense of achievement when they break through a level. This rewarding feeling system is used in a wide range of successful games; this proves how effective it is on the player at hand. Balanced difficulty is also important, Bricc was able to increase difficulty as the player progresses, this sometimes can be tough to achieve in the correct way.

I do hope I managed to sink my teeth into the game well. I do have a tendency to compose short reviews, sorry about that. In conclusion this game has little to no obvious flaws which really set the standard for me. With clean graphics, entertaining gameplay, I really had to deem this game worthy of a feature. Well done here Bricc, wonderful game.

-Thank you for reading ;)