secret regiment 2

By skyfire :: Monday February 22nd, 2010

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If you have not already completed Secret Regiment 1, I suggest you do so before playing this game. As a reward for you finding the tunnels and thwarting the enemy attack, you are accepted into basic training. To your left you will see several doors. To your right, an obstacle course containing the keys. You need to get through the doors in order to find the escape pod which will take you to the final acceptance test-if you complete THAT, you will be an official Secret Regiment officer. To acheive the first key you must defeat several enemies. To get the second you must complete the underwater maze. To complete the third, you have to climb. Easier said than done, the Regiment takes only the very best. Then when you've finished the climb, teleport into the parachute area. Ooops, we forgot to provide a parachute. Oh well, I'm sure you'll survive.....


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