Zombie Nest: Ending's Start!

By smg2134 :: Sunday December 5th, 2010

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Welcome to Zombie Nest: The Ending's Start. You are in a secret Head Quaters and you are needing some tools to complete your filthy mission. You could slightly remember your mission but it was detailed. Your mission was to hack into the first level of the Primo-Ofsets building, *the Primo-Ofset is the most filthy rich, powerful, not that smart and the building has the best security in the whole entire universe. But that's why we sent you. You are the best and most well trained agent in the whole N.A.T.C. N.A.T.C stands for "Best Agents Traning Clinic." This building you are in right now is a mixture of the most intelligent people the world has ever not known. Only Primo-Ofset and his people know us. But he has threatened us if we don't give up the money he will tell the whole world about us and that cannot happen. So it's up to you to get past the, first floor called Primo's Lobby. pass the guards and get the crystals, to erase their memory faster. The second floor called, The Machinery Office. Pass the guards and this is where you'll find the high tec tracking device stop that from tracking you by pulling the red cord from the blue cord out of the black cord into the a blank space. Detach the orange cord to stop it from tracking you. Once you've done that you'll find an elevator leading up to the third floor called, The cashing remidy room. This room if where primo's minions make money and supply their customers with large amounts of money to trick them into becoming primo's minion and to join them. After you've gained the red, blue and yellow key you'll see a locked door. Place each of the keys in the correct lock, if you get the wrong key in the wrong lock you may find yourself doomed. But after you've unlocked the doors to the second last floor called, The Hidden Charge room, you'll find yourself surrounded by many gloating crystals, gather then and make your way to the back of the room so find a the room called, The Maze of tricks. This maze is very tricky make sure you don't get stuck because you could possibly end up trapped in a room with no food, no air and no nothing. To avoid this make sure you use your mapping device to lead you on the way. Collect 1 flag at a time and return the flag to the flag spot one you've returned all the flags to the flag circle you will automaticly teleport yourself back to out Head Quaters and your mission will be successful. Good luck Agent we are counting on you. Thank you for waiting for this game to be published and there are 2 more Zombie Nest games to be released. I'll start working on them as soon as possible. Thank's, vote if you like it and nominate if you like it heaps. Thanks for playing. I hope you enjoy it.


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