frozen quiz

By smileyfaceone :: Tuesday April 15th, 2014

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clues for questions Q1: one of the Oscars was best original song,what other one(s) were there Q2: what song does he sing? Q3: which does she act more like? Q4: what does anna sing before she bumps into hans's horse Q5 this is why he gets a snow-cloud of his own Q6: Not giving you a clue for this one,it's pretty easy Q7:not giving a clue for this one either Q8: one word: rocks Q9: it came out on the 30th of one of the months :) Q10: it's up to you to answer this one Q11: think about who he looks more like Q12: Try to remember what he says when he's dancing with anna-'like a chicken with a..... of a monkey' Q13: not telling you anything,if you don't want the first one(or second one) you have to jump over them quickly


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