Aqua? Water? Wait, Who Can Hold Their Breath For Seven Minutes?

Review by sonicdude102 on Thursday, June 7th 2012
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Aqua Quest is a game created by crunchynut

Hey guys what's up it's me again with another review. Just to let you all know on my last review people kept putting hate messages on it, even the owner of the game I reviewed said (and I quote)"Lol?" Yeah, that's bad. I do agree I put it in to much good, but who cares? This is going to be a much better review and this time I am doing it on a shooter! Yes today I will be reviewing Aqua Quest by Crunchynut. Why does his name make me laugh every time I hear it? I don't know, but anyway let's get on with the review shall we?

Gameplay: This game had very good gameplay and it wasn't very challenging. There were a good amount of enemies and hazards, and a few puzzles here and there. Although I did not beat this game, what I played was great! I liked it very much and Crunchy did very well creating this game.

Difficulty: This game was not too difficult for some parts, but some parts were at a high difficulty. The enemies were chosen well, as there were turrets an cruisers a lot. I saw one or two launchers, and I don't recall any mortars. This game had a good difficulty through what I played, and thumbs up to you Crunchynut!

Enemy Placement: This game had great placement and I wouldn't expect any more from the King of all Shooters. Aqua Quest had enemies at the right time and place, just by the goal. It was like they were guards. I loved the placement in this game. Very good.

Goals: This was a collect the crystal game, and some might thing those are easy, but when Crunchy does it, don't even dare think it will be easy, because it won't be! As I said, the enemies blocked the crystals as guards, so it made it more difficult to capture the crystals. I really liked it, once again, great job!

Feature-Worthy: Totally, I don't know if it has been or not, but this is a great review and feature worthy game.


Gameplay 9/10

Placement: 7/10

Difficulty Liking: 7/10

Fun: 10/10

Overall Score: 33/40

Conclusion: This was a great game. Enough said.


Aqua Quest Reviewed by sonicdude102 on Thursday, June 7th 2012. Aqua? Water? Wait, Who Can Hold Their Breath For Seven Minutes? - A game review written by sonicdude102 for the game 'Aqua Quest' by crunchynut. Rating: 4.5