trade u with support and points

By sophiasba :: Thursday August 27th, 2015

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I made this challenge for some support.I GAVE YOU POINTS THROUGH THIS CHALLENGE SO RETURN THE FAVOR TO MAKE GOD LUV U. 1st i need friends, the one that are real and the ones who are my bffs forever in sploder. 2nd is to be a pro, ummm i dont know the truth if i am a pro or noob tell me in the comments. 3rd i need to level up, i leveled down because i "saved as" games to level up, basically im cheeting but now i have to start all over.UNBAN SHEILAGIRL10. ok so probraly my only real friends on sploder are gemgemmei and pacmun because they are always there for me whenever ineed them (unlike the ones who i bested just because i am a fan of them. What i need you to do 1. help me be a pro 2. UNBAN SHEILAGIRL10 3. be a REAK and TRUE friend that comments 4.comment 5.add me 6. send me a gold award 7. make me a pro . OK THANKS SO MUCH FOR READING OMG YOU GUYS DONT EVEN KNOW HOW HAPPY I AM WHEN YOU READ MY COMMENTS AND COMMENT ON MY PAGE. ITS LIKE HEAVEN. thank you and your welcome for the points


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