Featured Story Beast Into Beauty

By sparrowblue :: Sunday May 26th, 2019

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We have a feature worthy story off of isabella299.It is about a fox that is up to mischief on a farm.He gets sent to a camp but then meets a mysterious figure,The mysterious figure will become a massive part of his life.Presenting to you... Beast Becomes Beauty by isabella299. One day, there was a fox trying to eat the sheep. The sheep were scared and ran away. The shepherd saw and ran like a cheetah. The next day, the fox tried to create a trap for the sheep. He dug a hole and put leaves on top. The trees dropped the leaves for the fox and the fox started his trap. The sheep were walking but then they got caught in the fox's trap. The farmer got the tractor and got the sheep out.Eventually, the farmer sent the fox to a camp because he was fuming. When the fox got there, he thought that he could be mean like he did with the sheep. He did not like it there because there were no sheep. There were no sheep to be mean to. A girl was walking around and saw a frustrated fox... This girl liked helping people and was a Christian. She liked to walk with people and bring things with her. She had crystal-brown eyes and a necklace with a cross on.Her ear rings were sparkling stars. She wasn't the most beautiful girl, but she was beautiful in her God's eyes. The girl (a nice girl) started talking to the fox. The fox didn't know what to think but he sent signs on what was wrong. The girl recognized what he was saying even though the fox couldn't talk. The fox made a hole because he had a deep connection with her. So, the girl went through and started playing with the fox. The girl had to go home but she didn't want to leave the fox.She was feeling as sad as an injured person. The fox was very tired, hungry and thirsty. So, the girl brought him some fox food and water. They heard footsteps and loud bangs. What was to come...? What do you think? The robber saw the fox and the girl. They started to run as fast as their little legs could take them. They went through a hole in a fence. The robber said, "You can't run but you can hide!" There was a family in the house, and they saw the lonely couple.The family was her family, but she did not know. The girl started to recognize the house and she started running towards it. The fox didn't follow her because he didn't like the look of the house. The family came out to see what was going on. The family said, "Come on in daughter!" The girl was very confused. The fox didn't know what the family meant. The family didn't like the look of the fox, so they had to think of something. They said "Throw that fox away and come on in!"The fox did not like the sound of that, and it ran away. The girl decided not to leave the fox, so she went with him. She decided to leave her actual family. Would you do this? The girl wanted to be with her family, but she didn't want to leave the fox either. She decided to sleep in the woods for the night and she curled up with the fox to be warm. What happened next...? The family didn't want to leave her, so they decided to adopt the fox. They started to have a bond with the fox and even took it on holidays with them. They had, parties, face paints, makeovers and sleepovers. They took the fox for a walk and even treated it like a human being. The End...!!!!!! Hope you enjoyed the story and thanks for reading.If you liked it then please rate and comment!


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