[Reveal The Truth] Chamber Of Wisdom 2

Review by spellmage on Monday, July 29th 2013
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Chamber of Wisdom 2 is a game created by darut1234

This game sounds absolutely horrid. Darut, my friend, you could not have picked a more hackneyed, and boring name than Chamber of Wisdom 2. I'd say that this choice may be even worse than Sto4's recent release: "Sto4". When naming a game, you must think of a name that is snappy and memorable. Something that will stick with the player, which is both fun to say, and won't embarrass you if spoken out loud. Chamber of Wisdom does not fit in either category.

There is NO excuse for this. Neither does Chamber of Wisdom 1 have a story, Chamber of Wisdom 2 has none either. The games, if seen separately, would have absolutely no ties to each other. This shows either laziness on Darut's part, or Darut is trying to save a game "franchise" that was never meant to be continued in the first place. Either reason isn't and can't be good enough.

If I were to see this on the Everyone's games page, or even on the Featured Games page, I wouldn't play it. The name does not interest me, and thus, I do not want to involve myself in whatever bull story there is.

Wait, what... you mentioned a bull story for you to be involved in? Why yes I did, and I mentioned it before if you had a keen eye. There is no story. Nada, none. No, this isn't a requirement. In fact, most games would do better with no story. HOWEVER, this is a DARUT game. NOT ANY NORMAL GAME. We have ALL read the Him series stories and we have ALL involved ourselves in the worlds that darut creates. Call me a fanboy, or spank me and call me sally. When I play a darut game, I expect a darut story. Especially when he is continuing a darut series.

Now let's leave the topic of the boring title, and the non-existent darut story. And let's move on to the MEAT of the game. Which I wouldn't have played due to the title if it weren't darut making the game. Does this game provide? CAN YOU REALLY HAVE FUN WITH IT? OR WILL IT FACE THE SAME STANDARDS OF LAZINESS THAT DARUT PUT INTO THE TITLE. Well, i'm happy to say... the game provided. Yes, it was indeed fun. It was smooth. It was tasteful. It was any word that could describe a tasty frozen treat with which one suucks upon. This game really knows how to flow. At least, the first half. You will see yourself gracefully pass by the first 5 or 6 puzzles with both glee, and a sense of accomplishment. Then you find yourself in a box... oh the nasty box. It deceives you. It gets under your skin. OH, you PASS the box, but it beckons for your return. It waits, with its arched smile and its razor sharp teeth. And it says, "You shall not pass" in the most sinister and vile tone. You will not pass. You cannot pass. And you never will. Time for round 2, you run through the game. The puzzles, like a memory, pass by. Then you find yourself in a box... and you wait. Nothing happens. You leave the box, the comfort, and you are out in the cold. But, it doesn't let you back in, a boy casted from his home. Round 3... then round 4... then round 5... then round 6... then... WAIT... YOU GOT IT. YOU FIGURED IT OUT. And a WAVE of relief passes you by as you skim past the next 3 or 4 puzzles, less linear than before, less in your comfort-zone, but not nearly as difficult as the box before. Oh that painful gray edged box... *shudders*. But the memories are in too deep, you let out a tear of frustration, then you collapse. You can't beat the game. You can't escape the cold... dead... chamber of wisdom.

3.25 stars out of 4. This game gets the Seal of Truth.